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Tiziana Rocca

Neapolitan by birth, she lives in Rome. Married to actor-director Giulio Base, with three children, Christiana, Vittorio and Valerio. Event planner, she is the  holder of TRC Tiziana Rocca Communication, a company specializing in the design and organization of large events.

Tiziana Rocca deals with design and production, organizing turnkey events and soirees that, in recent years, have become a point of reference for anyone who wants to organize a successful event.

She has always demonstrated strong attention to social issues: her own is perhaps the Italian private company that organized more charity events with fundraising implications and with associations that had the dissemination of scientific research as their aim. She began her activity in event planning and public relations about 25 years ago.

Born in Pozzuoli, she graduated in Communication Studies and got a Master’s Degree in Economics in Geneva. In 1997 she was awarded with the Order of St. Gregory the Great by the Papal State, in the person of Cardinal Angelo Sodano. She also received a recognition by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for the help given the association UNHCR. She is the legal representative of T.R.C. Tiziana Rocca Communication S.r.l. and a member of FERPI  (Italian Federation of Public Relations).

She has been General Director of TaorminaFilmFest for two years, a success  acknowledged also abroad, not only for bringing back the festival to the top, but also for having put into place a public-private collaboration: a wholly innovative formula that, at present, allows to keep alive high-level cultural initiatives of substantial investment.

Sensitive to social issues, Tiziana Rocca is a testimonial of the following non-profit organizations:

-          Terres des Hommes Federation, at the forefront in protecting children from any form of violence or abuse, ensuring every child’s right to health, education and life.

-           VIS (International Volunteer Service for Development), an organization for the realization of programs in favor of children and of the weakest members of society in developing countries.

-          GIUSTACAUSA Association, professionals who have opened their offices to listen to and advise on the phenomenon of malpractice of the National health system;

-          Salvamamme, an association that operates in Rome, supporting mothers and families in conditions of severe socio-economic discomfort, up to health, psychological, legal, logistical, educational and training fields.

-           WWF Consultant  for a series of initiatives dedicated to the environment, including a planet-saving Christmas WWF campaign for the protection of natural paradises.

In some articles included in her press review, Tiziana Rocca has been defined as the “Robin Hood of the Active Solidarity”, “The event Lady” and the “PR Lady”. She appeared as a columnist in many TV shows (e.g. “Porta a porta”, “La vita in diretta”, “Italia sul Due”, “Uno Mattina”, “Mattino in Famiglia”).

Among her many successes, there is one that has become rare in the panorama of Italian publishers. It is the positive reception of the book she herself wrote, “FESTE CENE COCKTAIL – Come organizzare una serata di successo”, already at its second edition. The book, published by Sperling & Kupfer, sold more than 11 thousand copies with the first edition.

Tiziana Rocca’s second book “Come fare le PR Pubbliche Relazioni – Le nuove regole per comunicare con successo”, published by Sperling & Kupfer, is already at its second edition and there is also a third book, “Il libro della comunicazione 2007” (published by Gremese Editore in collaboration with ANSA news agency). Translated into American, her book Communicating Success. Public Relations With an Italian Flair (published by IPOC) was released in the United States and is for sale on Amazon.

Her last editorial project is the book “Mamma dalla A alla T – manuale di sopravvivenza per le donne di oggi” (published by Edizioni Messaggero Padova), a product of her personal experience in which she relates how to reconcile family and professional life. This project has also a precise fundraising purpose: all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the 2009 project of the Caritas Antoniana, in favour of hiv-positive mothers and children in Uganda.

After the success of the Italian edition of “Mamma dalla A alla T – manuale di sopravvivenza per le donne d’oggi” published by Edizioni Messaggero Padova, the book was released also in America with the English title SuperMom: A Guide to Kids, Family, Career, and Having It All, published by IPOC Italian paths of cultures, bearing affectionate acclaims that famous actresses – themselves also women who seek to reconcile family and career –  have dedicated to the Author, their good friend.

Teacher and designer of the communication course “How to organize a successful event – How PR works”, now at its thirteenth edition, she also gave some lessons in a course organized by Sole24ore and held many lectures on the importance of events in the communication world at the faculty of Communication Studies and at LUMSA University.

Tiziana Rocca held for two years the radio program “L’utile e il dilettevole” on RADIO IES, a container particularly dealing with social issues and volunteering.

During the last few years, Tiziana Rocca Communication S.r.l. has established itself as one of the largest communication agencies in Italy, from marketing planning to turnkey organization, brand positioning & target marketing.